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Superset Fitness VPT Virtual Personal Training

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Video Guided Workouts



Customized Workouts

Direct access to 100+ workout routines

delivered to  you anytime, anywhere.


Nutritous Meal Plans

Meal plans that deliver maximum nutrition. Learn how to eat healthy and cook meals that leave you satisfied, not hungry.

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1:1 Personal Coaching

24/7 Personalized 1:1 training support.  Instantly get motivating feedback and support to stay on track.

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What Makes Superset Fitness VPT Different

My name is Sidney Smith, I am the owner of Superset Fitness a Personal Training Studio in Houston, Texas and the creator of the Superset Fitness  VPT  App.   I have successfully changed the lives of countless clients and can change yours too.  As a personal trainer I am part-coach, part-counselor, part-friend and at times a relentless nag, however what remains constant is my dedication and commitment to helping you be the very best you can be - forever ! I want to help you through the journey to a better you and be that inspiring partner by your side every step of the way.

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 1 year program for 199.00 ... Smart Virtual Personal Training is Here !!